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Санкт-Петербург - Город мостов!

Добро пожаловать в Северную Венецию, город мостов и каналов. Посетите экскурсии по рекам и каналам Петербурга. Подробнее Подробнее

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Санкт-Петербург - Город мостов!

Добро пожаловать в Северную Венецию, город мостов и каналов. Посетите экскурсии по рекам и каналам Петербурга. Подробнее Подробнее

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg


Отели Rinaldi Home

Отели  Rinaldi at BolshoyRinaldi at Bolshoy

The hotel is located in a historical monument of architecture, the former profitable house constructed in style "eclecticism" under the project of the architect And. V.Ivanov in 1888. Romantic atmosphere of old Petersburg, a picturesque environment of ancient houses in style «northern modernist style» is successfully combined with affinity of the underground, the modern entertaining centres, cinemas, boutiques, cafe and restaurants, possibility quickly to reach the main city sights. It is possible...

Отели  Rinaldi PetrogradskayaRinaldi Petrogradskaya

The hotel is located in A.A.Antonovoj's former profitable house, the honourable citizen of St.-Petersburg, constructed in 1913 in style of neoclassics under the project of architect V.V. Shauba. In 1913 on the ground floor the fashionable cinema "Lux", since 1940 renamed into "Light" here has been opened.
There are six comfortable rooms for Guests. There are rooms for three visitors with two separate beds and a sofa, in the others double placing is provided. All rooms are equipped by the TVs,...

Отели  Rinaldi at PetropavlovskayaRinaldi at Petropavlovskaya

The new mini hotel of Rinaldi chain has settled down in one of the most romantic areas of St.-Petersburg – in the street Blohina which history is connected with a name of the writer-publicist and the church figure of metropolitan Stefana Yavorsky. The pedestrian walk from the underground to hotel will occupy no more than 10 minutes during which you will plunge into atmosphere of a picturesque environment of ancient houses in style «Northern Modernist style». There are six home-style rooms intended...

Отели Rinaldi Optimum

Отели  Rinaldi OlympiaRinaldi Olympia

The hotel is located in one of the most romantic places in St.-Petersburg, on 6th Krasnoarmejsky, well-known for the houses in a modernist style, kept special atmosphere of the beginning of the XX-th century. You as though get to the past, and at the same time remain two steps away from the Moscovsky prospect raging by a life. Silent, quiet small streets and the picturesque squares which are nearby, have to slow pedestrian walk on a city.
At your service – twenty four rooms in the mini hotel...

Отели  Rinaldi at 105, Nevskiy prospectRinaldi at 105, Nevskiy prospect

The hotel has taken places on the second floor of an apartment house in style art decor, a monument of architecture of the end of a XIX-th century. Having stopped in one of its numbers, you can feel Silver age atmosphere – once in this house the poetic acmeists circle which were visited by poets Anna Ahmatova, Nikolay Gumilev, Osip Mandelshtam. 

Visitors can choose any of seven rooms. The hotel is located on the second floor of an apartment house in style art decor, a monument of architecture...

Отели Rinaldi Premium

Отели  Rinaldi HarmonyRinaldi Harmony

The hotel has taken places in an apartment house constructed in a XIX-th century by the known architect And. V.Kashchenko. The original decor of a facade of a building is executed under Ili Repin sketches. The house has been constructed specially for placing of pilgrims which came to Petersburg for visiting of holy sites of Northern Capital from all Russia.
The hotel interior is executed under sketches of known Petersburg designers and combines both European, and typically Petersburg style. In...

Отели  Rinaldi PoeticRinaldi Poetic

The hotel is located in the inhabited ancient house, on crossing of streets of Vosstaniya and Zhukovsky. Once it was the profitable house constructed in 1834 under the project of architect V.E.Morgan and reconstructed in 1882 by architect В.fon Gekker. In a XIX-th century here traditionally rented spacious comfortable apartments the Petersburg doctors, engineers and officials. Later in this house, in tempting affinity from the Nevsky prospect, placed the studios artists and architects.

Отели  Rinaldi ARTRinaldi ART

The hotel is located in an ancient apartment house, a monument of architecture of a XIX-th century. Once here there was a profitable house with apartments on all tastes – from small premises to solid apartments for prosperous people. Representatives of exclusive estates here lodged basically. In this house nobleman-narodovolets N. Kolodkevich at whom members of "National will», taking part in attempt at emperor Alexander II often gathered lodged: S.Perovskaja, A.Zheljabov, N.Kletochnikov and others.

Отели  Rinaldi at Moskovskiy prospect, 18Rinaldi at Moskovskiy prospect, 18

Behind a facade of a historical building of the beginning of a XIX-th century the cozy mini hotel, a smooth water on one of trunk mains of St.-Petersburg – the Moscovsky prospect disappears. From here it is very easy to reach airports "Pulkovo-I" and "Pulkovo-II". 
In each of fourteen rooms of the hotel you will be met with taste by the picked up interior creating house atmosphere, the TV, convenient furniture and a bathroom with modern сантехникой. Spacious lux-studio it is equipped...

Отели  Rinaldi PremierRinaldi Premier

The hotel takes places in the ancient apartment house immersing visitors in romantic atmosphere of the past. In this house in the XX-th century beginning there lived close friends of poet Igor Severjanina. On a visit many Petersburg writers dropped in on them. Probably, therefore Janush Leon Vishnevsky, the author of the best seller «Loneliness in the Network», has chosen for residing hotel «Rinaldi Premier» on Neva, 103.
There are twelve comfortable rooms with a kind on the Nevsky prospect....

Отели Rinaldi Apart

Отели  Rinaldi ApartRinaldi Apart

Management company “Rinaldi” launched new type of accommodation - apartment. 3-rooms flat is situated in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, in Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad and equipped all necessary for comfortable residence. The cozy 3-rooms flat is situated on the third floor directly opposite scenic square. Suites consist of living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and WC. There is all required furniture in the flat: beds, nightstands, tables, chairs. Having a kitchen means more choices...